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Tantric Couple – Ineffable Perceptions

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After many successful tantric unions the first sign noticed by a loving couple is an amplification of sensitivity, an amazing rediscovery of all the senses. Reality is felt more intimately, viewed more completely, and seen to be more regular than one previously noticed. Objects lose their solidity and appear as being fluid in a continuous movement of harmonious rhythm. The smallest details of the environment are now revealed as miniature complex universes. The meaning of every detail changes in comparison with what was previously perceived.
Other modifications include a profound qualitative transformation of the manifested world gradually comes into being. Time is accelerated, space is expanded, causality becomes fluid. A new aesthetic consciousnessis is awakened; everything becomes full of beauty. The splendor and ubiquity of the spiritual under-layer is perceived now even in “ugly” objects and phenomena.

Furthermore, an indescribable feeling of inner freedom and of ecstatic happiness without apparent reason is gradually developed, being associated with a more developed awakening of intuition (the 6th sense). A profound mental state is felt without confusion. The ego is already diluted and as result, our traditional sense of being an island is replaced with our integration into cosmic harmony, like a drop of water immersed in the ocean. The water drop is part of the ocean’s whole, but at the same time maintains its individuality. “Subject” and “object” appear now as polarities of the same unique phenomenon; whereas before they generally produced feelings of fear and insecurity. They are now perceived as being perfectly safe. Spontaneous “open introspection” becomes a daily reality. This “open introspection” entails you can delve deep within youself to discover the spirit without breaking your connection to the world. This happens because you realize that all is spirit, both inside you and outside you. The individual being becomes aware of the subtle erotic dynamic between the inner and the outer. There is a new found freedom against social conditioning.

In addition the sense of unity is awakened. Correlation, identity and the comprehension that contrary aspects are complementary is achieved. In addition one gains universal understanding of the complexity of reality and this effortlessly produces a permanent state of complete self-presence. The world appears as an erotic play that simultaneously generates the idea of self-relish, profound harmony and fascinating mystery.

Moreover, the whole manifestation of reality appears as a living choreography. Mere existence is relished and includes all that was previously perceived as being insignificant, obscure, and banal. Empathy is amplified, so you are able to feel the inner state of your lover or others even from a distance. This empathy evokes exactly the same feelings that you may feel yourself, from an entire treasury of inner sensations and experiences.

Tantra is reserved for those who have surpassed the common level of physical love

This inner vision and the senses becomes extremely keen and intense because of this refined erotic ecstasy. It is like we have microscopes instead of eyes, with which we distinguish all the charming details that compose the inner and the outer world. The sense of taste is amplified. The person practicing Tantra discovers that the breathed air has thousands of scented nuances that explode in one”s nostrils leaving an ecstatic sensation. Awareness of the sense of smell is one of the most fascinating aspects of tantric lovemaking. Also profound sensual touch becomes a subtle electricity, at the same time fluidic. A gentle touch can burst into thousands of bio-energetic explosions of refined pleasure. An elevated energy appears that pulses, encircling all over the body up to the brain, where it explodes into thousands of luminescent points like thrilling fireworks, inducing a beatifying state.

Tantric erotic fusion naturally and effortlessly provokes the transformation of a tremendous quantity of erotic energy, refining and sublimating it through transmutation into the superior levels.

One who does not practicing Tantra Yoga cannot imagine the intensity and profundity of the erotic states that can be obtained by successfully practicing these specific techniques. This occurs regardless of how much effort the person has put in from the sexual point of view, nor how satisfactory and intense the sex life.

You may think that you have reached the absolute summit of pleasure, considering erotic fusion as being something common. However after a successful tantric experience, you will notice that your previous experience was largely insignificant.

For every intelligent person it is evident that Tantra Yoga is the superior way of approaching love, relationships, and life. Tantra is the most powerful aphrodisiac and the most powerful method for fully awakening the latent powers of the mind and consciousness. This science was and still is the object of research reserved for only a very few aspirants. These aspirants have surpassed the common level of physical love and relationships and see beyond rigid laws and false spiritual dogma.


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